Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WWDC 2017 Platforms State of the Union - Quick Recap

Xcode 9

  • (Major) Source Editor - Re-written in Swift from Scratch
  • In-built markdown editor
  • 3x faster, 60FPS scrolling, 50x faster line jump
  • Tokenize editing
  • Brand new refactoring system 
  • Open Source Refactoring Engine

Swift 4

  • String - Now range replaceable, character collection and bi-directional
  • Codable - Now easily convert swift types to JSON, Plist. 

Core Technologies

  • Indexer rearchitected
  • New build system
  • Source Control - Github Integration, New navigator option and new clone window in github
  • Main Thread API Checker

Testing and CI

  • Xcode server built-in
  • First match API
  • xcodebuild now test multiple destination in-parallel

Wireless development

Drag & Drop

  • Large navigation title and new search field
  • Easy to enable using prefersLargeTitle = true
  • TableView - Now enable self sizing cells

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